Inspiration of the day-Now Be Here: Kate Carvellas

26 Sep

Now Be Here: Kate Carvellas #

Feeling inspired after attending the historic event Now Be Here at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel. My goal is to feature every artist that attended, one artist a day. Considering the number of artists that showed up, this will take me two years to complete. I am looking forward to getting to know the work of each and every artist!

Your inspiration for the day- Now Be Here edition: Kate Carvellas

From Kate Carvellas:

Artist Statement

My ongoing journey of creative expression has recently led me to a new and unexpected place. When I began creating artwork seven years ago it was made entirely of borrowed images and objects. Through the years, I slowly began leaving my own marks on the work. Starting out with light pencil markings to more visible lines and shapes. As my confidence grew, so did the strength of my marks and brush strokes. While I am is still deeply enjoying creating assemblages out of found objects, I now create work made entirely from my own hand. These painting, at first, sprang straight from my subconscious. Lately, however, I have also been using my own photographs as the springboard for my abstract paintings. Abstracting reality.

My work is an essential and intensely personal part of my life. It explores and expresses the inner workings of my mind and heart in a way that words cannot express. It is my hope that when people see my work, it will somehow resonate with them on some level, be it intellectual, emotional or spiritual.

Kate Carvellas

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*Current Exhibition- No Restraint at Ark Gallery through October 28, 2017

*Current Exhibition- Perimeter III Gallery Show at Art Share LA through October 7, 2017

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*The idea for the amazing Now Be Here event came from the brilliant mind of artist Kim Schoenstadt.

*Kate Carvellas –  Now Be Here LA artist #

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