Inspiration of the day-Now Be Here: Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza

1 May

Now Be Here: Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza #469

Feeling inspired after attending the historic event Now Be Here at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel. My goal is to feature every artist that attended, one artist a day. Considering the number of artists that showed up, this will take me two years to complete. I am looking forward to getting to know the work of each and every artist!

Your inspiration for the day- Now Be Here edition: Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza

canyon, 2017 Cardboard boxes

From :

Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza is a Los Angeles-based artist and educator whose practice spans a range of materials and processes in her sculptures, objects, and drawings. Her cultural identity and immigrant experience instill objects with a particular outsider’s point of view that she both honors and subverts. She received an MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 1991, a BA from California State University, Los Angeles in 1989, and attended The Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design from 1984-85. She has received awards from the The Department of Cultural Affairs (C.O.L.A. and Los Angeles Artist Fellowship), Plugin Gallery, Art Matters, and The National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts. Maryrose is currently an Associate Professor at Pasadena City College.

Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza

trunkI, 2006 Colored pencil

Commonwealth & Council

s1f Gallery

Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency

Filipino American Artist Directory– Interview

The Nomadic Journal– Studio visit

Artist Curated Projects


mattress, 1998 Fabric


Now Be Here NY Times

Now Be Here LA Times

Now Be Here Huffington Post

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Now Be Here Inside a Tipping Point

Now Be Here Film by Eric Minh Swenson

*The idea for the amazing Now Be Here event came from the brilliant mind of artist Kim Schoenstadt.

*Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza- Now Be Here LA artist #469

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  1. You’re welcome! Lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. It always feels good to be appreciated! It is a big project but a fulfilling one; there are so many incredible women artists here in Los Angeles and it has been a joy to discover artists that were under my radar and also to be able to delve deeper and rediscover artists I am familiar with. The level of talent is breathtaking, you included! Cheers!

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