Inspiration of the day-Now Be Here: Cia Foreman

7 Mar

Now Be Here: Cia Foreman #21

Feeling inspired after attending the historic event Now Be Here at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel. My goal is to feature every artist that attended, one artist a day. Considering the number of artists that showed up, this will take me two years to complete. I am looking forward to getting to know the work of each and every artist!

Your inspiration for the day- Now Be Here edition: Cia Foreman


From :

When I glimpse moonlight re-shaping a stone; when a story in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, or Patti Smith’s Just Kids sends me back in time; when music pierces my soul; when I’m mesmerized by a de Kooning or a Richter; or when a dream makes me catch my breath — these are moments I take with me into the studio.

They lead me to make the first mark, to engage with the sensuality of paint, and to explore the possibilities that film captures. As I work, I’m involved in a process where chance and arbitrary choice combine with mark making, erasures, sequencing and layering, each playing a part in my response to the images that emerge and disappear, dissolve and re-emerge.

I have no preconceived idea of the final picture. These shifting images leave traces, hinting at the elusive tension between opposites. It is the tangible traces left during the act of art making and the intangibles of paradox, flux, and transformation that inform and fascinate me.

Cia Foreman​


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*The idea for the amazing Now Be Here event came from the brilliant mind of artist Kim Schoenstadt.

*Cia Foreman- Now Be Here LA artist #21

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