Inspiration of the day-Now Be Here: Siobhan McClure

7 Jan

Now Be Here: Siobhan McClure #264

Feeling inspired after attending the historic event Now Be Here at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel. My goal is to feature every artist that attended, one artist a day. Considering the number of artists that showed up, this will take me two years to complete. I am looking forward to getting to know the work of each and every artist!

Your inspiration for the day- Now Be Here edition: Siobhan McClure

From :

Artist Statement

I am a storyteller. As a child, I moved frequently back and forth across the USA and back and forth across the Atlantic. This left me with a constant sense of dislocation and transience which is, in part, why I live in LA (a city that is in flux) and why I create tales of disruptive change and disorder. Growing up with fluctuating worldviews, I now constantly question visual and social perception. I am also profoundly aware of the shrinking scale of our planet in terms of communication and the interconnectedness of our actions; for we live in a world of multiple points-of-view yet often operate as if there was only one point-of-view. I despair that the rules or systems of society have become more important than those they were intended to serve. This has led me to play with the rules of perspective and observation. In my last series “In the Time of Water”, I explored what is solid and what is illusion. My current series “Passage” is an outgrowth of that. The future is dark. The old order altogether lost.

As for process, I begin my narratives with drawings (followed by glaze paintings of the same scale) and conclude with small paper sculptures. Separate but interconnected, the drawings, paintings, and sculptures provide alternative views of each story. Still, at the center of my studio practice are the oil paintings whose surfaces I encode with a combination of personal and public symbols that are influenced by European, Persian, and Indian illuminated manuscripts as well as by the panel paintings of the Northern Renaissance. The visual complexities of these artistic traditions (combining the mundane and the miraculous to tell instructive tales) guide me. Just as I cannot completely decode many of the works I admire, I do not worry if my paintings can be completely decoded by all. I am happy if the big themes are understood. Visual language has its own flow. The meaning takes time to rise to the surface.

Siobhan McClure

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*Siobhan McClure- Now Be Here LA artist #264

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